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Palm HOWTO Collection - Various HOWTO documents related to Palm handheld

(c) 1996-2007 by David A. Desrosiers

Located here you will find various HOWTO documents describing various types
of hotsync designs, connectivity options and examples, and many other
helpful documents which should allow you to fully exploit the use of your
Palm computing device under linux or Unix to connect with both Win32 and
POSIX-compliant machines.

--------        This detailed document describes how to HotSync and surf the
                Internet with your Bluetooth-enabled Palm handheld over the
                Bluetooth protocol to a desktop or laptop machine, with
                Linux or FreeBSD.

--------	How to HotSync your Palm handheld device over an SIR or FIR
		IrDA compliant port.

-------		Utilizing the "LanSync" capabilities of your Palm handheld
		device to syncronize between Palm and a network-connected
		machine, both Windows and Linux local and remote machines.

---		Detailed information describing how to connect your Palm
		handheld device through the Palm cradle to the Internet, so
		you can use networked applications such as web browsers,
		email clients, instant messaging applications and more.

-------		Detailed HOWTO describing how to build pilot-link,
		gnome-pilot, gnome-pilot-conduits, and Evolution for
		properly syncronizing your Palm handheld with the Ximian
		Evolution PIM.

------		HOWTO build pilot-link and J-Pilot on your machine, even if
		you have two versions of pilot-link installed, one in /usr
		and one in another location (this is common)

---		HOWTO on configuring your machine to sync your Palm handheld
		device over USB connection types, including USB-to-Serial