Synchronizing your PalmOS® Handheld Over the Network

David A. Desrosiers


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Major revision update. Converted to SGML, added 6 missing sections, more detail about various platforms.
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Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. What exactly is Network HotSync™?
1.2. Copyright
2. Palm Configuration
2.1. Setting up a Network HotSync™ Profile
2.2. Setting up a Network Service Profile
3. Desktop Configuration
3.1. FreeBSD Configuration
3.2. Linux Configuration
3.3. Apple OSX Configuration
3.4. Microsoft Windows Configuration
3.5. Other Tricks and Platforms
A. GNU Free Documentation License
0. Preamble
1. Applicability and Definitions
2. Verbatim Copying
3. Copying in Quantity
4. Modifications
5. Combining Documents
6. Collections of Documents
7. Aggregation with Independent Works
8. Translation
9. Termination
10. Future Revisions of this License
How to use this License for your documents
List of Figures
2-1. Primary PC Preferences on the Palm
2-2. Filling in the Primary PC Settings on the Palm
2-3. LANSync Preferences on the Palm
2-4. Enabling LANSync on your Palm
2-5. Modem Sync Preferences
2-6. Network Preferences for OS4 Devices
2-7. Network Preferences for OS5 Devices
2-8. Network Profile Settings
2-9. Network Profile Connection Details
2-10. Network Profile Login Script Details
2-11. Selecting Network Service to HotSync™ Across
3-1. Linux Kernel 2.4 PPP Kernel Options
3-2. Testing the Network Connection
3-3. pilot-link Connection Service Daemon
3-4. pi-csd Help Synopsis